Among the national and international centres with which we collaborate, it is worth mentioning TEKNIKER in the Basque Country, LEITAT and CTM in Catalonia, ITERG in France, PROFACTOR in Austria, TNO in Holland and PERA in England.

Laboratorios colaboradores
Colaboraciones en investigación


Between 2015 and 2018, the Nanointech Project has sought the development of nano-materials suitable for application in different sectors in a safe and efficient way. Brugarolas S.A. has been responsible for evaluating the application of nano-materials developed in oils and lubricating greases, as well as developing formulations with such materials.
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GLUBAA Project

From 2015 to 2018 this project has been focused on the research and development of new biodegradable, self-extinguishing and anti-vibration lubricating greases, aimed primarily at the railway industry.

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HiEfBe Project

Our most recent project, started in 2016 and not yet completed, aims to develop high-efficiency bearings by using novel low-friction plastic material boxes and greases of latest technology with properties of low coefficient of friction.
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