1.1.- By “The Company”, reference is made to the company BRUGAROLAS, S.A.

1.2.- “The Buyer” or “The Client” will hereby be understood to be the physical or legal person that makes a contract with the Company for the acquisition of goods or services.

1.3.- “Product” and “service” will hereby be understood as the object of the commercial relationship brought about between the Company and the Client.

1.4.- “Order “ill be understood as the offer of a product or service carried out by the Company that has been accepted by the Client in a written or verbal manner.

1.5.- “Price rates” will be understood to be the list of prices for the product as developed by the Company.



2.1.- Orders formalised between the Company and the Client will be regulated by what has been set forth in the present conditions for sale and supply, with only some exceptions that have to be agreed upon in an express manner.

2.2.- There will be no order until the Client accepts the offer brought about by the Company, in an express and official manner. The following information will always be contained in the offer: Reference to the offer – product number – type of container – price – time table for delivery – minimum order – payments – offer validity.

2.3.- The acceptance of the offer on the part of the Client will render him/her subject to each and every one of the conditions of the offer.

2.4.- Any variation in the offer issued by the Company shall be expressly accepted by the same, in writing.

2.5.- The prices included in the Price Rates of the Company include handling for the payments made within the peninsular territory, but in no instance include VAT.

2.6.- The Company reserves the right to freely modify the Price Rates when the conditions of the market so advise.

2.7.- The minimum order will be 121 euros. In the case of orders under that amount, the COmpany will include the price of the administration costs for the minimum order, which add up to _________.

2.8.- The small packing products come in various box units, as indicated case by case. The minimum sale unit for these products is the complete box, without supplying loose units.

2.9.- The time-span for delivery of the Order will be agreed upon in the following manner: – Delivery A, or immediate: within ten days following the acceptance of the offer. –