The Quality Management System of BRUGAROLAS, S.A., includes the necessary processes and resources to meet the expectations and needs of the interested parts, as well as the achievement of the quality objectives marked by the Management department, and within the framework of continuous improvement. The purpose and objectives of our Quality Policy that applies to our Quality Management System are the following:

Regularly providing products that satisfy the requirements and expectations of the client and to increase the satisfaction of the same through the effective application of our processes and resources.

Develop, manufacture and to commercialize products that conform to their specifications, in addition to complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Get the satisfaction of staff through training, motivation, the information, the teamwork and integration into the company’s plan.

Set actions aimed at the prevention of faults, addressing the analysis of risks and the taking of the necessary measures to alleviate the consequences of the same and/or avoid their repetition.

Plan and develop activities for the continuous improvement of our processes.

Continuous improve of the Quality Management System through the revisions of the same.

This Quaity Policy will be disseminated in order to be understood and applied by all the staff of BRUGAROLAS, S.A.