A wide range of aerosols where you can pick the spray that best adapts itself to your needs. All of our aerosols comply with existing regulations for containment and labelling regarding low-pressure products. The propellants and solvents used are in their totality respectful of the environment and have no effect over the ozone layer.

Product Characteristics and applications
BESLUX LOOSEN Aerosol deblocker/penetration with MoS2
BESLUX BASIC MULTI-USE Lubricant protector, anti-corrosive and anti-humidity. Light oil for multiple uses.
BESLUX WIRES Aerosol for lubrication and protection of wires against corrosion.
BESLUX CAMIN 150 WR SPRAYS Oil for highly anti-corrosive chains ISO 150
BESLUX OPEN GEARINGS Lubrication through spraying of open gearings. Elevated graphite content.
BESLUX FLUOR TF SPRAY PTFE dry film aerosol for lubrication, protection and demolding.
BESLUX GREASE SPRAY PLEX 778-A Synthetic and non-poisonous lubricant grease. High performance. “LONG LIFE”
BESLUX KTS Synthetic lubricant, very fine spray. Special textile and special applications.
BESLUX RAMCA 220 SPRAY Oil for lubrication of chains and high temperature.
BESLUX SOLDERING Anti-projection aerosol for soldering. Without silicone.
BRADOL CHAINS PLUS Aerosol for chains based on fluid PTFE grease.
BRADOL MOTOR CLEANING Cleaning motors, chains and mechanisms in general.
BRUSIL SPRAY Fluid silicone for universal use via aerosol.
BESLUX ANTI-HUMIDITY Anti-corrosive spray and protector against humidity in the metal pieces.
BESLUX WHITE CHAINS Non-poisonous lubrication for chains, bolts, and general purposes.
BESLUX CHAINS Lubrication in aerosol form for chains up to 160ºC. Contains bisulfur and molybdenum.
BESLUX DEMOLDING DEX-4 Demolding aerosol for plastics, paintable. Without silicone.
BESLUX FLUOR LIQ SPRAY Liquid PTFE. 100% synthetic. Non-poisonous. White colour. Multi-use. General greasing.
BESLUX SPRAY GREASE AD Grease aerosol lubricant with extreme adherence.
BESLUX SPRAY GREASE UNIVERSAL Lubricating grease, synthetic and non-poisonous. With PTFE. (Beslux TF/S Non-poisonous Grease).
BESLUX MOLY-SPRAY Dry film aerosol, molybdenum bisulfur (MoS2).
BESLUX RK PELABLE Peelable film aerosol. Forms a protective plastic layer.
BESLUX WELD APS 130 SPRAY Anti-adhesion spray, anti-projections in welding, water resistant, biodegradable, silicone-free, non-flammable, safe.
Chemical and food industry.
BESSIL F-100 SPRAY Food grade high temperature silicone oil
certificación NSF H-1
BRADOL CHAINS Fluid grease for chains, very anti-corrosive.
BRADOL TOP CLEANER Mix of dissolvents for effective cleaning of pieces.
DENSOLINA RVTH SPRAY Medicinal white oil. Non-poisonous, clean and without colour. USDA H-1.
certificación NSF H-1
BESLUX ANTISEIZE SPRAY Anti-squeeze copper paste.